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Formed in 1906, the Club has been in continuous operation ever since, on the same site, although in different premises. We have never been a big Club, membership having rarely exceeded 35 members and currently stands at about 30. Some of our members also belong to other clubs where other courses of fire and other calibre shooting are available. We have supported the NSRA (although in 1906 it was the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs), and smallbore shooting in Wiltshire from the outset. The Club is in the happy position of owning its own premises and therefore has a degree of security of existence not enjoyed by many other Clubs. The Club is administered by an elected committee which prides itself on offering a friendly environment in which to practice our chosen sport.

The Disciplines We Shoot At Box Rifle Club

Formed for small-bore target rifle shooting the range was originally built with this as the sole discipline with four firing points and range length of 25 yds. Small-bore pistol shooting at 20yds was added to the itinery in the 1940's but came to an untimely end in 1998 following the Dunblane incident.
This led to a request to provide air-pistol shooting facilities for, the members, closely followed by air-rifle facilities. The range was adapted to allow the new disciplines to take place whilst still maintaining the small-bore facility. (But not at the same time). The air sport side has been developed to provide three targets with electric changers at 10m and one at 20m. The range can also accommodate standing and three positional shooting on three firing points at 20 & 25m and 20yds although these are not currently practiced by the Club. Since 2004 we have had a small number of visually impaired members who shoot, very successfully, with modified 10m air-rifles.
Membership is currently split about 50/50 between small-bore and air-sport shooters with some members doing both. Outdoor, long range shooting at 50m and 100yds is provided by members becoming Associate members of CR&PC and using their Patterdown Range The Club regularly enters competitions run by Cornwall shooting Association, Hampshire Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Association, NSRA, Polar Bear League, West Kent Rifle League and Wiltshire County Shooting Association.

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